Accelerate Interns' exit survey

Welcome to the Accelerate exit survey for interns!

Thank you for sharing your experience and contributing to the improvement of the program.

Please note that individual responses will be kept confidential. The information obtained from your participation in this survey will be used only in aggregate form for reporting, evaluation and marketing purposes. Except where additional consent is given, any feedback that you provide will not be attributed to you, and your name will not appear in any publications or memos. Your specific responses will not be shared with other program participants, including interns, supervisors or partner organizations.

This survey will take you approximately 15 minutes to complete. We look forward to your feedback!

Background Information

*Your First Name

*Your Last Name

*Name of the Partner Organization

*What is the legal status of the partner organization?

*Application IT (ex: IT0000)

*Project Title

*First Name of the Academic Supervisor

*Last Name of the Academic Supervisor

*Province of Institution

*Institution Name

*Degree level at the time of internship

*Which discipline most accurately describes your degree at the time of your internship ?

*Internship Start Dates

*Internship End Dates