Third Progress Report Survey


Welcome to the 2017 survey on the implementation of the Ontario First Nation, Métis and Inuit Education Policy Framework (2007). Your participation is very important to us, and will help the Ministry of Education learn more about the unique and diverse needs of Indigenous students to support more responsive and effective education policies.

What is this survey about?

The Ministry of Education is committed to improving Indigenous education in Ontario, improving student achievement and well-being, and closing the achievement gap between Indigenous students and all students. In 2007, the Ontario Ministry of Education launched the Ontario First Nation, Métis, and Inuit Education Policy Framework (the Framework). The Framework guides the Ministry of Education, school boards and schools as they work together to improve and support the achievement and well-being of Indigenous students who attend Ontario’s provincially-funded elementary and secondary schools, and to increase the knowledge and awareness of all students about Indigenous histories, cultures, perspectives and contributions.
The Ministry has made a commitment to release a progress report on the implementation of the Framework every three years. Progress Reports were released in 2009 and 2013. The next progress report on the implementation of the Framework is scheduled to be released in Fall 2017. To inform the development of this report, the Ministry is hoping to hear from students, parents/guardians and family members, educators, and First Nation, Métis and Inuit communities and organizations about the progress that has been made in Indigenous education.
That’s why we are inviting you to participate in this survey. The survey will address the progress made in the implementation of the Framework since the release of the Second Progress Report in 2013. Everyone’s views are important, whether or not you feel you have a little or great deal of experience to share.

What will happen with my answers?

Here are some other key things to keep in mind.
  • Your participation in this survey is voluntary.
  • This survey is confidential. That means that your answers will be combined anonymously (without your name or any other identifying information) with the answers we receive from other participants. No one who sees the answers will be able to link them to any individual person.
  • We will respect the data sharing protocols of the school boards, the Ministry of Education, and First Nation, Métis and Inuit communities and organizations.  
  • Together, all the answers we receive will be combined anonymously in a report that will be used to inform the development of the Third Progress Report.
  • By completing this survey, you agree to allow the information you provide to be used anonymously to inform the Third Progress Report.
  • You can stop doing this survey at any time without any repercussions.
  • This survey is being conducted by Steven Vanloffeld Consulting and Facilitation and Parkin Policy Analysis Inc., who have been hired by the Ministry of Education to collect feedback from people such as yourself.
Thank you for agreeing to participate in this survey. Depending on how you answer the questions, this survey should take about 15 minutes to complete.

About you

There’s one more thing before we get started. 

We need to know a little bit more about you so we can ask you the questions that are most relevant to you. Please tell us if you are a(an)?

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Thank you!

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